Friday, October 24, 2008

The Cruise to Cabo that Never Was... Fin

Monday morning dawns. My alarm wakes me up at 5.30 in the morning because I have to report to one of the lounges for the immigration check. I got there at 6.30 and there were already a bunch of people there. We had to wait until about 7 before the immigration officers arrived, and they didn't start the checks until about 7.15 (they had to have their coffee first). I think I was done at about 7.45. It didn't take too long, thankfully. I just had a bit of packing left to do, and we went up to the dining room to have our final meal on the boat.

We weren't sure how quickly they were calling the debarkation numbers (we were assigned groupings to get off the boat). By the time we were done with breakfast, they already called the number before ours. We made our way back to our room, made last minute checks in the drawers and bathroom, to make sure we didn't leave anything behind. Our number was called, so we made our way out to the elvators. There was such a long line! I can't believe how much luggage some people brought. Thankfully, Cristina and I had one bag each with our carry-ons, so we decided to take the stairs to get off. We got back on land at about 8.45 and I waited for Anthony to pick me up "from the docks" as he liked to say. I people watched as I waited. I was exhausted, but happy to be back. I definitely wasn't ready for reality just yet.

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