Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Hot Mess of Emotions

Just had to say bye to my folks as they leave on their much anticipated vacation, though I think they would have rather stayed here to wait for baby's arrival. I'll admit that I'm really bummed she didn't make her appearance so my folks could meet her before their trip, but that's where today's technology comes in handy. I'll be able to give them a call on their cellphones no matter where they're at, and send them some pictures too.

Still no baby yet... she must be super happy and snug in her little cave, gaining weight. Her little elbow that we've been able to feel the most has definitely lost it's boneyness, and has rounded up some. I wonder how much she'll weigh at birth.

At my appointment on Monday, my midwife talked about induction and antenatal monitoring, especially if she doesn't want to show up on her own. "I will calmly meet whatever turn my birthing my take" is a Hypnobirthing affirmation that comes to mind... I just have to remember that this is her birth too, and she definitely has a lot of say as to when she wants to show up.

Monday, August 5, 2013

And now we wait...

39 weeks vs. 6 weeks... how I've grown!
It's been a pretty crazy 37 weeks or so since I've had this not-so-little cupcake baking in my oven now. The cupcake's dad is anxiously awaiting her arrival, and so is my family that's visiting. I really hope she shows up on time, so my dad will get a chance to see her and spend some time with her before my folks have to leave on a trip they've had planned for more than a year.

Time has taken on a strange quality now that I'm on maternity leave, and just home waiting. It has been awesome spending time with my mum, who's been cooking up a storm, so I've been able to enjoy the yumminess that is home cooked cuisine, which I don't get very often, since the traditional Straitsborn-Chinese style cooking is tedious and takes a while.

I am definitely enjoying my last few moments of "quiet" on this Friday night before the baby arrives. As I'm partially writing this post, it's just the kitties and me at home, with Breaking Bad playing on tv. The hubs and my mum have gone to LAX to pick up my dad, and my sister arrives tomorrow. This is definitely going to be my last moment of peace, I think. Baby might be agreeing with me too, since she's been really active this evening, more so than she's been in the past few weeks.

She's definitely taking her own sweet time. Today's attempt at getting her to "come on down" was retail therapy, since a foot massage, walking up these crazy steep stairs, and exercise hasn't really coaxed her out of her shell yet. I must have a pretty comfortable oven for her :)

I have had a relatively uneventful pregnancy, save for the crazy hormonal days, nausea earlier on, and a below-the-belt episode sometime in my 2nd trimester. I have to think my bi-weekly (now weekly) chiropractic treatments and twice-a-week pilates has helped tremendously. I can still see my ankles and my waistline (yay), and am currently feeling pretty good except for the pressure in my hip joints, thanks to the growing belly. I've gained about 20 lbs as of my last appointment, which I think is pretty darn good too.

The first trimester was really challenging for me, since I have never ever felt such debilitating fatigue before. I would fall asleep right after meals several times a day, napping all the time, and nausea was making it difficult to eat. Of course, it didn't help that we didn't really have our house to ourselves since it was going through some remodeling, and we were between houses too, so it made for a challenging few months.

Once the second trimester rolled around, I felt like my old self again. That truly was the most wonderful time... my bump was growing, I felt great and energized, and got a lot done. I was finding a good work/home life balance, plus it helps that I work from home too. I think the best part of the second trimester was finding out that our baby is a girl, and feeling those first few flutters of movement from her (on Easter Sunday night no less!).  That was when it started becoming "real".

When the third trimester rolled around, the tiredness set in again, but nothing like it was in the early weeks. I found myself napping more, and my joints started aching once the bump really started growing. As of this update, I'm currently a day away from my 40 week mark. The hubs thinks that my oven is too comfortable for the not-so-little-anymore cupcake. We'll see what my midwives have to say at my appointment this afternoon.

Perhaps baby is waiting for my to write my pregnancy story out before making her appearance. My sister helped us decorate the baby room this weekend, so the room is all ready for her. We just need her to show up :) I'm drawing a blank right now as to what else I should say. I guess I'll end it here for now, and will post updates if I think of anything else.