Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Cruise to Cabo that Never Was... Day 4

The morning started with our room phone ringing... I checked the time and I was surprised that it was 9 already! I expected Cristina to be up earlier than that, but she slept in too! I was nursing a combination hangover and aching muscles from my massage, so I was a little grumpy this morning. We got up to the deck to have some breakfast, and we were docked in Ensenada, much to my surprise. I had almost given up hope of ever getting off the boat, but this was our one day to do so. We jumped at the opportunity.

We took a local tour to La Busadora, the blowhole. It was crowded and the tide was low, so we didn't get to see much of anything blowing. The scenery was beautiful. It was kinda crazy how many stores there were on the way down to the blow hole. We kept having to politely say no, thank you, but at least we got to check out the wares so we would know where to browse on the way back up.

Cristina was looking for some pottery, trying to find her family patterns, and she found something for her sister-in-law. It was amazing to hear her barter in Spanish. There were a lot of neat things, but I ran out of cash so I didn't buy anything for me, though I did see this really cool star mirror with blown glass that I was keen on. Oh well. Maybe on another trip... :)

We ate at this little taco hut, recommended by our tour guide. He was not kidding. It was THE BEST fish tacos I have ever had! The fish was so fresh, and the tortillas looked hand made. Mmmm... it was spectacular. I should have gotten more for the road, but alas, I only had two, enough for lunch.

We were running late, so our bus dropped us right back at port, so we didn't have any time to explore the downtown area. But, what I saw at the cruise ship terminal will forever be in my mind. These gals (who looked like they were on a bachelorette trip), went to Papas & Beer, lost their tops, and came back with just a Papas & Beer bumper sticker covering their bits. I wish I had had more courage to go up to them to ask to take a picture! I was trying to take it from afar but people kept getting in my way, so I don't have any pics... darn it! It was... err... a sight, to say the least.

After dropping off our purchases, we headed up to the Lido deck because we were craving french fries and onion rings. Mmmm... Cristina had a hot dog and she said it was really good, and was trying to give me half of hers. I wouldn't take it, but she proceeded to put it on my plate and even cut it up for me! She's such a mom :) It really was a good hot dog... mmm. After we had our second lunch, we decided to check out the sushi bar on the deck below. We each got their sampler sushi plate. Why they put cream cheese in their california rolls, I still don't get. Other than that, it was pretty good :)

I got a coke and a glass of ice to bring down to the room, but we ran into Jimmy, Phil and David, who waved us into their room. David proceeds to pour some tequila into my glass of ice, and silly me, I sucked it up through a straw. Cristina told me that was a big no-no... that's how I got buzzed so quickly. Though, I firmly believe that tequila was 100 proof. It was strong, but very smooth too. I tried to tone it down by adding coke, but it was just strong. Period. So I had a little bit more and was loopy for about an hour or two before dinner. I provided Cristina with a lot of entertainment that evening. So much so, she was laughing so hard she had to go to the bathroom to relief herself. Hehe. I am funny.

Needless to say, I was a grump yet again right before dinner. *sigh* I need to quit being grumpy and just be a super nice person. I started feeling better as I always do after I had some appetizerts and food, and especially after I had my espresso. We decided to call it an early night to finish packing and what not since I had to get up at the crack of dawn for the immigration check before debarkation.

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