Monday, October 13, 2008

The cruise to Cabo that never was... Day 1

The Pasadena engineering group for the company I work for organizes a cruise for the employees every year. This year the Contracts group (which I am a part of) got to participate too, which was really nice! The destination: Cabo San Lucas.

I have been to Mexico only once, and that was to Tijuana 14 years ago when I was 15 on my first trip to the U.S. with my family. So I was very excited about this trip. About a week before the trip, we started looking at weather reports for Cabo, and it was supposed to be very overcast and rainy on the day that we were supposed to be there. The day before we left, we got reports that Hurricane Norbert was supposed to go through Cabo a day or two before our port day on Saturday, but we were told not to worry.

Thursday dawns bright and early. I was up late the night before packing and trying to finish work up, and I woke up early to get my last minute packing done, and to follow Anthony in to work so he could drop me off at the pier. The first thing I get from Carnival is a little flyer saying they are cancelling our port of call to Cabo thanks to the hurricane, and instead, we would be cruising to Catalina and Ensenada. I was disappointed, but not overly upset. After all, it had been at least 16 years or so since I had been on my last cruise.

We check in, I get written up as an "alien" and the check-in lady had to fill out extra paperwork, and so begins the picture taking. They won't let you pass unless you pose for a picture. So we did, as a group (I met my boss and co-worker at the terminal). We get to our rooms, checking out the ameneties provided. We had to bring our own hairdryer because they didn't provide one. But one thing that struck us as funny was that they provided chewable Citrucel in our ameneties bowl... which made us start to wonder what they were going to feed us throughout the trip.

We make our way upstairs to the Lido deck where they are serving lunch. Sat around, people watched, and looked out for our fellow co-workers. That was fun. They had some calypso music playing (if I remember correctly), but it was pretty loud and it was hard to talk, so after lunch, we made our way back to our rooms to unpack and settle in. We found out we had a mandatory safety drill, so we had to scramble to get our life jackets and make our way to the muster stations and listen to the instructions... thank goodness we didn't need the jackets :)
By the time the drill was over, we were all up on deck by the lifeboats, and were ready to sail away. I stayed out on deck for a while... I love the feel of the wind whipping my face, and it was such a lovely cool day in San Diego. We walked all over the outer decks and explored the ship a little bit. By the time that was done, I was hungry again, so we made our way to the 24-hour pizzeria on the ship. They had pretty good pepperoni pizza! We went back down to our rooms for a short nap, and I was starting to feel the effects of being on the water.

I swear by ginger pills... which are just ground up ginger roots in capsules. I managed on those and these wristbands called Sea Bands, which works on your accupressure point on your wrists to alleviate sea-sickness. Between those two things, I did not need to take any Dramamine!

Because we weren't feeling 100%, my roomie and I decided not to go down to the dining room for the sit-down dinner, and instead opting to eat at the cafeteria-style buffet instead. We made our way back to the room and just chatted for a little while before falling asleep.

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