Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Cruise to Cabo that Never Was... Day 3

Saturday dawns bright and early (I assume, since we were in an interior room without any windows), and even though I didn't get to bed until about 2 a.m., I was very excited about the day in Catalina. Cristina woke up at about 7.30 so I slowly woke myself up. At about 8, our cruise director comes on the PA system and informs everyone that we won't be able to dock because of the high winds, so the tender boats to take us to shore didn't get clearance from the port authorities to operate. BAH! I was disappointed to say the least. First we didn't get to go to Cabo, and now, no Catalina either.

So after some cursing (even though it wasn't the cruise line's fault... they don't control the weather, after all), we went for breakfast in the main dining room. I think I preferred the fare they served up on the Lido deck, but what they DID have were the yummiest hash browns (mmmmmmm, I even got a second plate of just hash browns... they were THAT good) and ESPRESSO! So much better than regular coffee :)

After breakfast, we walked around for a bit, perusing the picture gallery for the "official" pictures the photographers took from our formal night. We found our group picture, which turned out really nice, but because we're a cheap bunch, only one person bought the pic so it could be scanned and distributed... hehe.

We then decided to just get some sunshine since we've been stuck on the boat for the past day and a half, and Cristina snags us some lounge chairs. We sat up on deck and fell asleep for a few hours. We woke up in time for lunch, and proceeded back to the room to take another nap.

We made appointments for the spa that afternoon, so I headed off for my appointment. I had never had a hot stone massage before, so I was quite looking forward to it. The stones were hot... haha... but it really did help loosen up my muscles. Though, I felt like I had been hit by a truck after the massage, because I had my last massage 3 years ago. I pretty much felt horrible and climbed back into bed after the massage.

I don't think I was good company at the start of dinner, because I was still recovering from the massage. Though, I started feeling better as dinner progressed, and I was most definitely feeling better after I had my espresso for dessert.

We decided to head to the karaoke bar after dinner. Some people should just not sing. Some people were good, but some were just horrendous! I think our eardrums could only take about a half hour of it :) We found a few coworkers playing cards in the lounge right outside the karaoke bar, so we sat with them. At about midnight, everyone was heading in different directions, most of us headed for the dance club again. It was another night of fun and I think I definitely had one too many drinks that night.

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