Saturday, November 3, 2007


Things have been a bit hectic since the winds, I guess. With the winds came the fires, and the winds also kept us home for 2 days while the roads were closed. The winds caused a lot of damage to our area, thankfully none to our place except for dust and inch thick everywhere! That's all mostly cleaned up now, thankfully.

I haven't been able to sleep well, probably thinking about all my work piling up, but oh well. I must just sit down and get to it. I also need to update my resume... it's been a while since I did mine and it's seriously outdated now.

CJ's voice is slowly coming back, but it's still scratchy. Onie and Spinny got into a huge fight last Saturday (I'm not sure if it was just the both of them or if it involved other cats). I got a call after my yoga class from Anthony telling me to come home. Spinny was limping badly. But unfortunately, our vet was leaving for the day and asked us to keep an eye on Spinny, and if it got worse, to go to the emergency pet clinic. Thankfully, Spinny started doing much better later on in the day. So that made us feel good enough to go to Disneyland last Sunday.

Disneyland was a blast! I had never been there for the Halloween thingy, and I think I much prefer the Disney version to the Knott's Scary Farm one. The scary farm was... scary. For me. I got freaked out a bit. So I think I prefer cutesy to scary. We got our picture taken in front of the big Mickey pumpkin in front of the Disneyland park, and we got to visit Candy Corn Acres in Disney's California Adventure. It had been two years since we had been in DCA, and it was fun to go through the Bug's Land again. We did all the kiddie rides. I love the ride with the caterpillar. We also got a kick out of standing in front of the Harbor area watching the countdown for the California Screamin' coaster, seeing people scream as they got shot up the first incline to start the coaster ride. I didn't get to go on it, only because I don't want to go by myself, and Anthony and my friend Shirley both didn't want to go with me. Oh well :) We at least had fun just standing there watching people scream their heads off.

This week has been another busy week. I'll be gone all next week, so I hope I can get more sleep and not be a zombie.