Friday, April 20, 2007


Shortly after I posted my last update, I saw someone slamming the side gate to my back yard shut, and my door bell rang. A police officer was standing out there. The first thing I blurted out was "Those aren't my dogs".

Let me back track a little bit... remember the dogs I wrote about in "Terrors in the Night"? I know they get loose and roam the neighborhood, and they always bark at the kitties outside their window, but they usually go away when we close the blinds and don't bother us. They also usually don't get into our yard when the side gate is closed. For some reason, maybe it was the rain, they decided to bash through the gate anyway, and the latch isn't very secure so it gave way. They left after a while, and I went out to close the door, and I made sure it was latched this time.

I heard a commotion outside, and a lot of barking, so I went to the kitty room to see what was going on. I saw the kids across the street from us shooing the dogs away. I guess they scared them enough that one of the dogs decided to squeeze his way in (the gate is warped), even though the door was latched. The other one kept running around trying to get into the yard every once in a while. I saw the other dog who squeezed in trying to get out, so I decided to brave walking outside to open the gate for him. He was as huge german shepard. His buddy was a pitbull. He started growling and barking at me when I got closer, probably because he felt cornered, so I slowly backed away and came back inside. After his buddy left, I went out from the front to get the gate open, hoping they would both get out, but the other one decided to come in, and they both just stayed! That's when the police officer came by.

He told me that they had tried to attack the kids across the street, and that they needed to contain them in my yard until Animal Control came. He asked if I knew who they belonged to, and I said that I suspect they belong to the folks two doors away from us. He told me that they would be contacting the owners, and I should just stay inside the house. So I sat in my living room, watching the dogs, and they must have sensed something, because the pitbull decided to dig under the fence to get into my neighbors yard. After a while, he tunneled his way through, leaving the shepard behind. So I went outside to tell the officer that, and he swore. He told me to just stay inside the house again.

I peeked outside the kitty room window, and I saw two police cruisers out on the street in front of my house and my neighbors house, and neighbors just peeking out through windows. Jeeze! I hoped the neighbors didn't think it was our dogs.

Anyway, Animal Control finally came, and man did they have a hard time catching the shepard! They kept chasing him all over and they finally cornered him on the other side of the house (I didn't see it), but I did see them leading him outside on that leash-thing that the AC officers use.

Then they went into my neighbors yard to corner the pitbull, but he kept squeezing his way back and forth until they used my wheelbarrow to cover the whole he had dug. They finally got him too. Man. And the owners never showed up the whole time.

When the officer came back to let me know that the dogs were caught, I asked him if the kids knew that the dogs weren't ours, for fear of retribution to our kitties. He said everyone knew who they belonged to, so I was told not to worry. I feel a little sorry for the dogs. They never bothered us, but I guess they crossed a line today when they bothered the kids. I hope they will be safe from harm where they are. Shame on the owners who let this happen to them! I took a picture of the dogs. What drama!


Heather said...

Wow. Poor dogs, poor kids, bad neighbors!

Vonnie said...

I hope the dogs weren't destroyed :( It wasn't their fault they weren't secured in their own yard.