Friday, April 20, 2007

Disney Pin Trading

I didn't realize how big a deal pin trading was until this past weekend when we went to Disneyland (again). We walked through Downtown Disney and next to the pin store, there were these hard core folks with suitcases full of pins to trade! Man. There's even a pin trading etiquette guide I found online. I just buy pins that I really like. My friend Shirley found these really cute flip flop Minnie and Mickey pins for me (it was a pair), and Anthony found me my little green men pin this weekend. I was stoked! I just wear my pins on my lanyard that I have to hold my pass.


Heather said...

hey, I just posted something about pins on my blog! I also just buy the ones I like. I can't imagine trading any of them. Then I take them home and put them in a drawer. I haven't even done the lanyard thing. I keep my pass in my back pocket.

Vonnie said...

The only one of my pins I would trade right now is the one for the Buzz Lightyear ride that I bought that had the little green man before Anthony found the one with the three of them. I also found out that if you see a pin on a Disney "cast member" that you like, they have to trade it with you!