Monday, January 8, 2007

Dentists and the Warm Fuzzy

I had to go in to the dentist today since I've put it off for so long and one tooth actually started bugging me last week. Anthony went with me for moral support, cause I was actually getting anxious about the whole ordeal. The office seemed ok, the staff was ok, but I just did not get a good warm fuzzy from them. They told me I needed to get 2 crowns! Ouch. Plus a few fillings to do and a deep cleaning. Well I just made an appointment for the deep cleaning, but on our way back home, Anthony says he will never be going back there again. For one thing, he got pelted by rubber arrows in the waiting room! Come on people... watch your kids! The mother didn't bother apologizing. Blergh. Enough said about the clientele.

So I made another appointment with another dentist in the "cheeze wiz" building (it's painted bright orange) to get a second opinion. This other place is called "Comfort Dental", and the lady on the phone was already giving me a warm fuzzy. We'll see what happens on Wednesday. I hope they will be like our primary care physicians... I love our doctors. I have to drive 40 minutes to Murrieta but it's worth it. They actually sit, listen and talk to you when you have an appointment with them, instead of flying in and out. But that's another story :) I just hope I get the "warm fuzzy" when I see the new dentist on Wednesday. Maybe then I'll be willing to sit for hours on end listening to the hum of the drill and willingly subject myself to torture.

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