Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Since I didn't get any exercise yesterday, other than scrubbing a portion of my home floors, I decided to take advantage of the hotel's gym today while on travel for the day. After jabbing some buttons for a few minutes, I finally figured out how to get the treadmill started... the darn thing had more buttons than my iPod!

Once I got going, I turned on my kindle and started reading while I walked. I upped the intensity every once in a while and increased the incline level too. I was surprised at how quickly 30 minutes went by! I felt really good after my brisk walk, and decided to reward myself with a nice long soak in the super deep tub the hotel afforded. Did I mention the rainfall shower too? :)

I'm sure my legs will feel sore tomorrow (my bum is already starting to feel it a bit), but it felt oh so rewarding too. I seriousy need to think about getting one for the house.

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