Sunday, June 12, 2011


Wow, I didn't realize how long it's been since I've posted in my blog... 1.5 years? Wow. Hi. Hope you're doing well :)

Nothing much has happened except I've gotten a lot more sedentary, my eating habits have gotten worse, and I think I'm at my heaviest weight yet. I've decided to revive my blog in an attempt to motivate myself to get some sort of something going. I'm also inspired by my friend FM's memoirs about her own journey down to a size 2/4.

Ironically, I'm typing this as I'm eating palmfuls of dry roasted peanuts in an attempt to drive away the light headed feeling from attempting the insanity workout's fit test. Yes, that's right, Mr. V and I, two completely unfit people, attempting insanity. We both thought we'd give it a shot after seeing a late night infomercial.

The package arrived sometime during the week. Mr. V decided we should give it a try today. We opened up the package, and immediately felt daunted by the figures in the fit test score card. We put in the fit test DVD, and halfway through, I was completely breathless and had to sit down. Mr. V and I dcided that we might need to get fit before we even try the whole shebang. This is what I get for believing in infomercials :) Maybe the wii fit stuff will be much more to our pace.

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Fairy said...

Von, I'm so proud of you that you've decided to consider my suggestion to blog about your insanity adventures!

Personally for me, the Wii Fit was one of my many secret ingredients to my successful weight loss. More on that later in my slowly but surely progressing memoir. :)

Let me know when you've posted something new ok!