Thursday, September 20, 2007

In memory

*Sigh* This has been a rough day. My morning didn't start out so great, and I got the news that my parent's dog, Sam, had passed away also. I was bawling all the way in to work today. I was home for the summers while I was in school, but I grew really attached to both Sam and Vodka. My parents got Sam as a puppy, and he was the cutest little thing. They got him shortly after moving into their present home, which they're in the process of moving out of right now, since they have purchased a new home. In a way, a whole chapter is closing with their home. Sam was 10. He lived a really pampered life, and he was the stubbornest dog I've ever met! He was very strong willed too. And boy did Sam love his treats. He was my dad's first dog since Brownie when I was a baby, so Sam was his favorite. They rescued Vodka from the SPCA about a year after they got Sam, so Sam would have a companion. Vodka was the best dog you could ask for. She was wonderful, and was extremely protective of our family and our home. I miss them both very much.
I'm feeling a little melancholy today. The weather has been cooperating with my mood too, which is just as well. Since my parents will have to move out before the end of December, and I won't get home until December 28, I will never get to go "home" again. But, a new chapter is beginning. I have a new home to look forward to, which my parents are very excited about, and there is new life. My parents adopted Zar about two years ago, and Dash entered their lives earlier this year. I will see Sam and Vodka again someday, I am sure of it.

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