Sunday, March 18, 2007


Finally we had a day home where we puttered around the house. What a nice feeling! We got a wall fountain up that had been sitting in our garage for months, I repotted two big houseplants that we bought a couple of weeks back, repotted several other plants, cleaned up the front yard, planted a few more things in front, and did laundry. *phew*. I think when your weeks are pretty much gone with work, weekend become so much more cherished. I am just plain exhausted by the end of the work day, though I am going to start trying to get to work earlier and leave earlier, so I can do more stuff around the house now that spring is around and the sun stays up longer. I think my next goal will be to reorganize my closet. Weed-whacking out in the back yard would be a close second.

We also put up our dart board that we bought on sale before christmas. It was so much fun just throwing darts in the evening. The air was nice and cool and the sun was up. It was a lovely day!

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