Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Hot Mess of Emotions

Just had to say bye to my folks as they leave on their much anticipated vacation, though I think they would have rather stayed here to wait for baby's arrival. I'll admit that I'm really bummed she didn't make her appearance so my folks could meet her before their trip, but that's where today's technology comes in handy. I'll be able to give them a call on their cellphones no matter where they're at, and send them some pictures too.

Still no baby yet... she must be super happy and snug in her little cave, gaining weight. Her little elbow that we've been able to feel the most has definitely lost it's boneyness, and has rounded up some. I wonder how much she'll weigh at birth.

At my appointment on Monday, my midwife talked about induction and antenatal monitoring, especially if she doesn't want to show up on her own. "I will calmly meet whatever turn my birthing my take" is a Hypnobirthing affirmation that comes to mind... I just have to remember that this is her birth too, and she definitely has a lot of say as to when she wants to show up.

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