Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Happy New Year, 2 months too late

2 months in to the new year, and 8 months (eeps) since my last blog post, and so much has happened since we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary! We have moved, and we're also expecting. That's the best news, I think.

Our first look at Baby Kenniston

I find it fascinating that everything is now "what's best for baby", even though our wee one has only been baking in the oven for 17 weeks. We've already completed our childbirth classes, though at the advice of our doula (yes, I've lined one up too), we're putting off breastfeeding and newborn care classes until closer to our guess date since there will be a lot of information, and taking those classes too early will be slightly detrimental. I've also lined up a post-partum doula to help us out after we have the baby too. The only thing on my to-do list to line up next is a pediatrician. I was slightly discouraged when the first practice I called wanted to hang up on me for not having PPO insurance. Ah well. I'm letting it go. Part of my hypnobirthing class was learning to let go of fears and issues, so I should put that to good use now. Hence I'm not going to freak out about not having lined up a pediatrician yet either. I still have loads of time.

I also started seeing a chiropractor that works on expecting moms to help me with some of my aches and pains. Though pilates has helped deal with a lot of it, I think some fine tuning was in order. Sure enough, upon evaluating me on my first visit, she found that I was misaligned due to a really old ankle injury. So we're slowly working on getting my body back into alignment. It won't be perfect, but it would be a heck of a lot better than it was before.

I'm partly also wondering if my adjustments of late have been contributing to a different level of hormones in my body. I'm a lot more weepy than usual, but my chiropractor says I'm a lot more "grounded" than when she first met me. I'm also having major issues concentrating on work. All I want to do now is sleep and rest and relax. Is my body trying to tell me something? I am also a bit surprised that I haven't freaked out about work yet, even though I have about 20 hours of work I'm probably a lot behind on. Oops.

Next week is going to be a busy one with doctors appointments and prepping for this big meeting at work. And then I get to pack for what will be my last trip to the homeland for a while.

I'm typing this surrounded by a bunch of boxes that I need to unpack. I'm choosing not to stress over it. Some remodeling work isn't complete in our new home yet, which is preventing us (somewhat) from properly unpacking and organizing. Oh well. Maybe I'll get to it this weekend...

Until next time, which I hope won't be too long from now.

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