Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I spent a wonderful 4-day weekend in the Bay Area and Monterey this past weekend with Anthony and his folks. My sister and her significant other joined us over the weekend too. It was so much fun. We woke up at the crack of dawn on Friday (even before the sun rose), and caught an early flight to San Jose. We drove to Chinatown and had a wonderful dim sum meal. I even got to buy some of my favorite egg tarts and moon cakes... mmm. We then headed for Pier 39, and just walked around and enjoyed the scenery. We did some shopping and we enjoyed watching the sea lions. I even started barking like one for the heck of it to add to the din :) After that, we drove down the road to the Ferry Building, my latest discovery thanks to my sister. Anthony's parents were so impressed! They wished they had a place like that down here to shop at all the time. Anthony's dad had been craving caviar, and there was a caviar bar in the Ferry Building. We did a little tasting with champagne, and started our trip in style. We left San Francisco with happy tummies and started our trek down to Monterey, after a little fun side trip of trying to find a restroom for me (the champagne went through my system at the most inappropriate time of our drive). We ended the day with dinner at the restaurant Anthony and I last ate at on our previous trip to Monterey a few years ago. I'm happy to report that their calamari is still excellent after all this time.

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