Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Wow I can't believe May is almost over, and I haven't been keeping up with my blog. It's been a whirlwind the past week since I got home from my trip to Virginia. The very next day, my parents arrived for a 5-day stay and we were getting things ready for the Mother's Day brunch we were hosting, and we had errands to run too.

We woke up early to get my car in for a service, which never happened, but we managed to get to the farmer's market in Temecula to pick up some fruit and veggies. I also got my car washed, all before we picked my parents up. After picking them up, we had a quick lunch and drove to Moreno Valley to pick up this fruit-arrangement (www.ediblearrangements.com) which we thought was really neat! It was fruit arranged like flowers. That was our centerpiece for our brunch. Then we met up with Anthony's grandparents who had driven in from Arizona for the weekend to see AJ, so we all had dinner together in Corona. Talk about driving... I think I added 250 miles to my car that day!

Anthony woke up really early on Sunday, and by the time we woke up, he had already gone to the store to buy a chicken to rotisserie, and went to Polly's to pick up the pie. He thought it was weird for us to buy a roast chicken (that was our original plan) when we were cooking everything else. So he took care of the chicken, and I can't remember what the heck I cooked. I know I made deviled eggs, garlic bread and butter prawns. Oh and I think Anthony made garlic mashed potatoes too, and I made the gravy. Everyone had fun... I also got to give all the mom's their gifts, so everyone got to open presents too. That was fun! It was like Christmas in the middle of May :)

Monday was more of an R&R day. I had the week off, so I slept in. My mom cleaned out my kitchen pantry and organized it for me (I don't think she could stand the clutter), and we cooked some pontay (a Straitsborn-Chinese dish... will write more about the Straitsborn-Chinese in another post) and curry, and my dad cooked the veggies and soup. We had a lot of food. I remember driving around town to all the Asian markets I could think of looking for Cap Bangau Sweet Soy Sauce, but they didn't have any! Oh well... we managed to do without it for the food we were cooking, thank goodness.

Tuesday was more of the same... we took my parents out to Polly's for breakfast (they have THE BEST belgian waffles), and then we hit Target and Lowe's. That was fun. My parents got a lot of ideas for their new house. We cooked some more.

Wednesday was their last day, so I helped my mom pack her bags, and we cooked some more! Haha. We love food (and I think our bodies show it too... heh). We went out for Japanese food before heading out to LAX that evening. Thankfully, traffic was nonexistent, though the Tom Bradley terminal was packed! We stood with my mom in line to help her with her bags (my dad was travelling on a different airline), so we stuck around until she got her boarding pass. We said our goodbyes, and we headed home. We didn't get home until past midnight.

We slept for a bit and then had to wake up early again on Thursday to get my car taken care off... so that was Thursday. I was so out of it and tired. I worked at home on Friday, and just vegged out on the weekend.

*phew*. I'm a bit sad that my favorite shows are ending... I'm watching the final episode of this season's Dancing with the Stars as I'm typing this blog entry. Oh well... maybe I'll write more about my favorite shows in another entry :)


Heather said...

Wait a minute. Is that "Polly's" as in..."Polly's Pies"? Do you actually have Polly's Pies out in SBO? My family used to go to one in Long Beach, we loved it, what a blast from the past!

Vonnie said...

Yes! Polly's Pies, and it's actually out in Hemet :) Come and visit and we'll go have a meal at Polly's! Anthony and I love their food... good ol home fashion cooking.